Thursday, December 6, 2012

UVM Divest Now Action

Yesterday, Student Climate Culture showed the University what they thought about fossil fuel investments.  "Divest, Divest, Put fossil fuels to rest" echoed across campus as 200 students lined the walkway from the Davis Center to the library.  There were "painters" running around giving black paint to everyone to rub on their hands.  This represented the oil money that UVM has its hands in.  We had two banners, one that we dropped from the Davis Center that can still be seen until friday the 14th.  The other banner has the black hand prints from everyone who participated.  This one will have to be used for something special.  
One of the SCC members, Danny Graham, spoke for 6 minutes about fossil fuel divestment.  He rallied the troops and got everyone all excited about divestment.  
There were camera men there (thanks to UVM Film) who will be using their footage to create a film about the UVM divestment campaign that will be sent out to the international mailing list.  
While it was one of the colder days we have had in Burlington this year, it was great to see people come and show their support.  Lets keep the momentum going and DIVEST, PUT FOSSIL FUELS TO REST!