Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Climate Change: It's Terminal

Today Student Climate Culture staged a “die-in” in the hallway leading to President Sullivan’s office, while two spokespeople from the group (Dan Cmejla and Kerry Wilson) met with him to discuss fossil fuel divestment at UVM. In order to highlight the severity of the climate crisis, over 50 students silently lined the hallway before dropping to the ground in symbolic death. This action was meant to represent the 400,000 annual climate change related deaths. Two banners were displayed to provide context for passersby. One read “Climate Change: It’s Terminal” and the other stated simply “UVM divest”.

Unfortunately, the meeting with the university’s president did not yield any firm answers about where he stands on this issue. Hopefully seeing pictures of our action will influence him to give us his support, and in the meantime Student Climate Culture will be working restlessly to build pressure and remind the student body, accepted students, and alumni that UVM cannot claim to be a “green university” and stay invested in fossil fuel companies.

The silent march in

Lining the hallway

"Dying" one by one

While this process plays out people are dying! Help us apply pressure!!

Quick debrief and celebration of a successful action


http://www.vtneweconomy.org/  Register for a State-wide divestment Summit at UVM on April 27th!!!