Sunday, October 27, 2013

Die-in Disturbs Fiduciaries

Last Friday the Student Climate Culture held a hugely successful protest where  over 150 students came out and rallied to support divestment from fossil fuels at UVM! The crowd, which included students from Saint Mike's College that came to show their solidarity, marched into the Board of Trustees meeting and proceeded to die on the floor for all to see. One trustee announced to the crowd that the protesters right to peacefully assemble would be respected, and the meeting continued as the students lay on the floor to symbolize the constantly occurring deaths that are due to climate change. Before the Trustees broke for lunch, one student stood and told the trustees that if UVM does not divest, then the University complicit in the actions of fossil fuel companies to degrade the Earth and its people.

Check out these 2 great articles about the action:

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Photo: photo cred Maeve McBride

Photo credits go to Mauve McBride and WPTZ news site