Friday, January 24, 2014

A Very Important Date

Thursday, Members of Student Climate Culture carpooled our way to the Montpelier statehouse, to show our complete support of a bill seeking to divest the VT pension fund from fossil fuels. Dozens of students from Middlebury and UVM came, and we were given the chance to speak out on the issue of divestment. What was awesome was that we as students were able to express how much divestment means- it doesn’t end with UVM, it’s not just about the hundreds of other schools around the country with divestment campaigns of their own- it’s a huge movement that counts the government of the Green Mountain State as a member of its ranks. And that’s pretty cool.
Here we are! Caroline Decunzo is here shown giving a great speech on climate justice and divestment.

After some great speeches from several UVM and Middlebury students, as well as a VT state senator, we had the opportunity to talk with Middlebury organizers about future collaborations (both of our divestment campaigns were officially rejected about a year after the start of our respective campaigns). With future events planned with organizers from around the state and such a great show of support to divest from our state government, spring 2014 is looking good.