Thursday, February 14, 2013

If you didn't get the email...

"The Board took no specific action on cleaning up the endowment at this time. But the trustees know where students stand and that we demand action!  Our hardest work is still ahead of us. 

We are meeting on Monday at 6:00 in Lafayette 207, we will planning and organizing for the rest of the semester and beyond. We need your help to continue to gather signatures, raise awareness, and spread the word. We want to continue to show the administration how strong our movement is!  We need your help in the effort to make UVM put its money where its mouth is and divest from fossil fuels. We will be preparing shirts and signs in preparation for our next event, so bring any blank shirts, fabric pens, cardboard, or inflatable gorillas (again, still waiting on this one).

Following are our upcoming events:
Planning Meeting - Monday, 6:00, Lafayette 207
SRIAC Town Hall - Wednesday, 2/20/13, Silver Maple Ballroom

Thank you all so much for your hard work and support surrounding the Board of Trustees meeting. This is going to be a long campaign, and we will continue to need your energy, enthusiasm, and good vibes. Our efforts will be in vain if we cannot sustain pressure on the University and continually repeat out calls for action. We are all in this together for a brighter future of safe, ethical investments!"

-Brian Thompson